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Get all your tasks done with VIP days

Answer honestly…

Does this sound familiar?


You’re done with DIY

You’ve been working on your website for a while now, and you’re starting to get frustrated that it just doesn’t look or feel right. It’s also taken WAY longer than you were hoping. You know your time is better spent elsewhere! 


You’re overwhelmed 

Your business has been growing (yay!) but so has your marketing to-do list. Instead of feeling the pride you should, you just feel swamped. You know you need to do website revisions or update your site’s SEO, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day.


You’re crunched for time

You want to show up in new places like social media and email marketing, but you haven’t had time to set anything up. You need to get going ASAP so that you can bring in more money and delight your customers even more than you already do.  

Close your eyes and imagine

What life could be like

  • The list of to-dos and changes that have been hanging over your head has disappeared. This newfound mental space allows you to focus more efficiently on growing your business.
  • Your website finally looks just like you envisioned! Even better, you don’t need to waste another evening making minuscule tweaks or trying to understand SEO. 
  • Your business has finally been set up on social media and email marketing. You have some snazzy new templates to get you started, and can’t wait to bring these to your customers. 


VIP Days

You get my full, uninterrupted time for a full (or half) day, where we can knock out your to-do list in short order. Sure, you could work on these tasks yourself for the next few months, or we tackle them within a day so that you can focus on your business instead. You’ll also get coaching and training along the way so that the next time something comes up, you can take care of it yourself. 

What do you get?

What can we work on?

The process

Let’s talk

We’ll get on a call to talk about what we can accomplish during our day together. Then, you’ll choose a date and lock it in. 

Prepare your content

You’ll get your content ready in advance using my detailed worksheets and guides. I’m available if questions come up.

Today’s the day!

I get to work on your tasks. I’ll check in with you at least once to keep you updated on how things are progressing. 


Half Day



Full Day



Please note, you are not purchasing a set of deliverables, but rather a block of time. While I can work quickly and efficiently, there is no guarantee that I’ll be able to complete all items within the given time. During our first call, we’ll determine whether your wish list is feasible for 4 or 8 hours. Your availability on the day in question also determines how much work can get done, so you’ll need to be available to provide timely feedback.  

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