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Business owners, celebrate!

Take marketing your business from scattered to streamlined

Helping swamped small business owners unify their brand, website and social media, so they can finally stop saying “maybe tomorrow”.

There is a lot of marketing advice out there for small businesses.

Optimize your website, post once a day on social media, and don’t forget email marketing and Facebook ads. Plus, do it all on brand.

You might wonder, when are you supposed to find time to do all that?

Well, I can help!

Imagine your brand, website, and social media working in sync

Your business deserves to have an online marketing strategy that speaks directly to your target audience and leads them to buy from you, time and time again. So, say goodbye to the days when marketing your business felt more like treading water and less like gracefully navigating the current. It’s time to embrace a new way of looking at your small business marketing. 

Social Squares

Quick question…

Who ever said swimming upstream was a bad thing?

In these parts, “Upstream” means facing challenges head-on and refusing to follow the crowd. That’s why Upstream Digital was born: to serve small business owners who are ready to face their big marketing challenges, but might need some help along the way.  

And I’m Courtney, an MBA and small business owner who has never really gone with the grain. Ever since I alphabetized my book collection at age 4, I’ve been obsessed with organizing. Now, that passion translates into designing brands, websites, and social media strategies that breathe a little calm into the chaos. 

The Client Process

How it works

I’m excited to team up with you and help your business grow! I know that your time is valuable, so I’ll make sure that everything runs like clockwork. Hey, time is money!


Get the full picture

Gather your website URL, social handles, and brand materials so that we can understand where your business is at, right now.


Refine and unify

You’ll get a plan for marketing your business that brings your branding, website, and social media under one unified strategy.



We’ll work together to take your new marketing strategy from dreams to reality – where each channel supports your goals and drives results. 

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