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Custom websites that work hard, so you don't have to

Helping small business owners get back in control of their website with strategic and fully custom web design, so they can get back to running their business!

Say goodbye to pulling your hair out every time you update your website. 

And, stop wondering whether your site is confusing your customers. 

Let me make all the hard work disappear, so that you can get the website you want up and running in no time.

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VIP days

Do you have a website update that’s been nagging at you for months? Hire me for a half or full day of uninterrupted time to work through your digital to-do list.

Custom Website design

Looking to make a big splash online? Choosing a fully custom WordPress website for your small business can be the springboard. Jump in!

Quick question...

Who ever said swimming upstream was a bad thing?

In these parts, “Upstream” means facing challenges head-on and refusing to follow the crowd. That’s why Upstream Digital was born: to serve small business owners who are ready to face their big challenges, but might need some help along the way.  

And I’m Courtney, an MBA and small business owner who has never really gone with the grain. Ever since I alphabetized my book collection at age 4, I’ve been obsessed with organizing. Now, that passion translates into designing brands and websites that breathe a little calm into the chaos. 

Modern designs, packed with personality

Standing out online is that much easier when your website is working behind the scenes to support your business goals.

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Website launch checklist

Launching your website can be pretty overwhelming, right? If you’re going the DIY route, here are all the things you need to check off before launching your new site into the world.